链云财经公开课第67期:LBS.token 开启奢侈品溯源新篇章

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今天有幸邀请LBS CEO : Daniel Nam做客链云直播间。

LBS项目介绍:Project Introduction:

LBS项目是基于BOOM SQUARE的商业模式,建立在区块链上的奢侈品分销平台,消费者可以通过基于区块链的奢侈品购物进行理性消费,并可以通过从发布到分销环节的名品验证流程购买到经过鉴定的奢侈品。BOOM SQUARE Premium Lounge的商业模式,为用户提供意大利、法国等欧洲奢侈品牌连接服务。

The LBS project is based on BOOM SQUARE’s business model and a luxury goods distribution platform built on the blockchain. Consumers can make rational consumption through blockchain-based luxury shopping, and can pass the famous product verification process from release to distribution. Purchase certified luxury goods. The business model of BOOM SQUARE Premium Lounge provides users with connection services for European luxury brands such as Italy and France.

链云财经:首先有请来自LBS的CEO Daniel Nam给大家介绍一下自己以及团队的背景。

First of all, let Daniel Nam, The CEO of LBS, introduce himself and the background of his team.

Daniel:Hello, my name is Daniel Nam.I have been in the brand launching and apparel business for many years. We tried to create a brand that customers can trust by contracting distribution licenses for many brands in Italy and abroad. We started LBS to create an accurate and convenient luxury distribution system for many customers.

大家好,我叫Daniel Nam。我从事品牌发布和服装业务多年。 我们尝试通过在意大利和国外为许多品牌签订分销许可证来创建一个客户可以信赖的品牌。 我们创办LBS,为众多客户打造精准便捷的奢侈品配送体系。


Our partners in the community may not know much about what LBS is doing. Here, we can introduce the functions of the LBS platform and our vision for the future.

Daniel:LBS builds a system that can efficiently operate a management system that can trace the movement path of the process made in the process of production, import/distribution of luxury goods, so as not only to upgrade the luxury goods/customer management system, but also to develop and develop brands. You can exercise more strategically than other companies such as excavation.

LBS构建了一个可以高效运行的管理系统,可以追踪奢侈品在生产、进口/分销过程中的过程移动路径,这样不仅可以升级奢侈品/客户管理系统,还可以开发和发展品牌。 与excavation等其他公司相比,您使用LBS可以获得更多锻炼。

链云财经:请为我们介绍一下LBS Token的经济模型,用户去购买LBS Token会给用户带来什么样的利益,目前在那些交易所可以买到LBS。

Please tell us about the economic model of LBS Token, and what kind of benefits users will bring to buying LBS Token. Which exchanges can you buy LBS on?

Daniel:LBS can be divided into three major systems.

1. A luxury distribution management protocol that can efficiently distribute and manage luxury goods.

2. By providing a dApp ecosystem to each distributor, consumers can gain trust.

3. A deep learning service that automatically processes information without the intervention of an administrator to provide big data and a luxury distribution management system in combination with block chain technology.

It is composed like this.

If you purchase LBS, you can now get discounts at various hospitals, plastic surgery, and luxury companies and stores related to LBS.

Even now, in Korea, we are running a 30% discount on both online and offline.

Finally, you can buy and sell used luxury goods through LBS.


1. 一种奢侈品配送管理协议,可以高效配送和管理奢侈品。


3. 无需管理员干预自动处理信息的深度学习服务,结合区块链技术提供大数据和奢侈品配送管理系统。


如果您购买 LBS,您现在可以在与 LBS 相关的各种医院、整形外科以及奢侈品公司和商店获得折扣。

即使是现在,在韩国,我们也在线上和线下提供 30% 的折扣。

最后,您可以通过 LBS 买卖二手奢侈品。


We know that LBS launched HOO some time ago, and started a trading competition, Is there any plan to go to a centralized exchange after LBS?. Do you have any plans? If so, can you explain it to you? Here you can also introduce the investment background of LBS.

Daniel:LBS is currently being traded on DIGIFINEX and HOO. Luxury events and trading events are held twice a month, and the transaction volume is increasing. We plan to go to the next tier exchange soon. For example, we are thinking of an exchange such as ZB or MXC. 

LBS is a project carried out by the CEO with more than 70% of the investment. Some of them raised money through a small number of sales, but not a huge amount.

LBS 目前可以在 DIGIFINEX 和 HOO 上交易。 奢侈品活动和交易活动每月举办两次,随着交易量不断增加。 我们计划很快去下一级交易所。 例如,我们正在考虑像ZB或MXC这样的交易所。 

LBS是CEO出资70%以上的项目。 其中有些是通过少量销售的方式筹集资金的,但是数额不大。


We learned from the data that LBS is a luxury goods distribution platform built on the blockchain, so what are the advantages of LBS compared with other luxury goods distribution platforms.

Daniel:The advantage of LBS is that by combining blockchain technology with luxury goods distribution, the activation system can be managed more efficiently. By using this, product tracking from manufacturers to distributors and consumers is possible. In addition, in the luxury used market, customers can trust and resell products through product certification. 

With the outbreak of covid-19, the global luxury market has grown and is expected to grow a lot in the future. We will do our best to preoccupy this market quickly so that various transactions can be made more actively. 

LBS的优势在于通过将区块链技术与奢侈品分销相结合,可以更有效地管理激活系统。 通过使用它,可以实现从制造商到分销商和消费者的产品跟踪。 此外,在奢侈品二手市场,客户可以通过产品认证信任和转售产品。

随着covid-19的爆发,全球奢侈品市场已经增长,预计未来会有很大的增长。 我们将尽最大努力迅速占领这个市场,使各种交易更加活跃。


At the beginning of 2022, the NFT market is very hot. Will there be some explorations in the NFT field after LBS? I believe that NFT and luxury goods will collide with some different sparks.

Daniel:The NFT market seems to be really hot.

Because NFT is based on blockchain, all relevant information such as ownership and sales history is stored on the blockchain, so the first issuer can be checked at any time, making it impossible to forge, etc. It has the characteristic that it cannot.

We will introduce a system that allows for non-counterfeiting through the next-generation . Accordingly, by operating an auction market, we plan to build a system in which both traders and sellers are protected.

NFT 市场似乎真的很火爆。


我们将通过下一代引入一个允许防伪的系统。 因此,通过运营拍卖市场,我们计划建立一个交易者和卖家都受到保护的系统。  


We learned that LBS has a second-hand luxury trading platform, could you please introduce it to us?

Daniel:As mentioned above, LBS has introduced a system that allows transactions without forgery or falsification. Luxury goods purchased through LBS are product-certified products recorded in the block chain. When a user purchases a luxury item from LBS and sells it to other users as used, the product is guaranteed by the LBS blockchain, and the buyer can trust and purchase the certified product, and the right to show ownership is also transferred to the buyer.

如上所述,LBS 引入了一个系统,该系统允许在没有伪造或篡改的情况下进行交易。 通过LBS购买的奢侈品是记录在区块链中的产品认证产品。 当用户从 LBS 购买奢侈品并按使用状态出售给其他用户时,该产品由 LBS 区块链担保,买方可以信任并购买经过认证的产品,展示所有权的权利也转移给了买方 .

链云财经: 作为一个海外奢侈品分销平台,LBS如何布局中国市场?近期有什么相关计划吗?

As an overseas luxury distribution platform, how does LBS layout the Chinese market? Do you have any plans in the near future?

Daniel:Currently, we are negotiating LBS-related stores in the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China markets. As a Boom Square store, an affiliate of LBS, you can enjoy discounts and various benefits when purchasing using the LBS platform or LBS tokens. There is a bit of a delay due to Covid-19 now. However, it is expected to open in the near future.

目前,我们正在菲律宾、泰国、香港和中国市场洽谈LBS相关店铺。 作为 LBS 的附属 Boom Square 商店,您在使用 LBS 平台或 LBS 代币购买时可以享受折扣和各种优惠。 由于 Covid-19,现在有一点延迟。 不过,预计在不久的将来会开放。

随着全球奢侈品市场消费圈层的进一步扩大,LBS .token也将背靠海量市场,未来可期!


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